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brand name kitchen & bathrooms

Finding trustworthy fitters to install your kitchen or bathroom can be difficult.  The team at TKS will work alongside you every step of the way, from initial consultation right through to fitting and finishing with quality workmanship guaranteed.

We want you to have complete peace of mind before, during and long after you have chosen TKS homes to complete your kitchen or bathroom installation. All of our products and installation work comes with fully comprehensive guarantees.

We can undertake your project from design to completion, undertaking all works to ensure that your fit out is to the highest standard.  If you already have design work completed and have ordered your kitchen or bathroom suite directly then we offer a dry fit service where we simply fit it for you.

Extensions, Alterations & Full Property Renovations

We can help you realise the home of your dreams. Delivering style, space and the layout that suits your lifestyle all within the budget you set.

Over the past two decades, we have had the pleasure of supporting many clients in extending, altering and fully renovating their houses into dream homes.

We believe that improving your property should be a rewarding experience, not a stressful one. You can rest assured that not only do we carry out the physical building works, but we manage the entire project from concept to completion.

We coordinate all aspects of the project giving you peace of mind that each element has been considered and planned, resulting in a smooth-running project with an outstanding finish.

New Build Snagging Inspections

The average new build home has 100+ snags. Our experienced team can assist through conducting snagging surveys and producing defect reports

Snagging issues are completely normal but need to be caught early to avoid larger problems later. A professional snagging survey will allow you to get any issues sorted within the two year timeframe the house builder is liable.

The inspection visits are a thorough inspection of every component of your home, including all external elements and the quality of both materials and workmanship. We will check all items have a consistent finish and report any defects that do not come within an accepted tolerance.

After the inspection is complete, we will compile a full room by room report which will show each snag with a date and time stamped photo annotated with a detailed description of the defect.  This report will be emailed to you to pass onto your developer for full resolution.

What Your Snagging Survey Includes

Below we’ve listed a brief example of what will be included in your snagging survey. Please note this list isn’t exhaustive.

Roof work

• Roof Tiles, Eves, Facia & Soffits
• Guttering & Downpipes Checked
• Dorma & Velux Windows Checked
• Leadwork Inspected

External Works

• Bricks, Mortar & Masonry Checked
• Application of Sealants Checked
• Brick Perpend Verticals for Square
• Stone Sills Checked For Damage

Fans & Ventilation

• Cooker Extractor Flow Rates
• All Bathroom Extractor Flow Rates
• All Bathroom Overrun Times
• Correct External Extraction

Windows & Doors

• Scratched Glass & Faulty Seals
• Misaligned Window & Doors
• Fire Escape Window Suitability
• Window Trickle Vent Effectiveness

Loft & Insulation

• Roof Trusses Suitability & Fixing
• Required Insulation Levels
• Eaves Ventilation Checked
• Party/Gable End Walls Checked

Thermal Imaging

• Cold Air Ingress Detection
• Bridging of Walls Checked
• Bridging Voids Checked
• Heating Optimisation

Driveway & Garden

• Drainage & Water Run-off
• Manhole Location
• Damp Course Position/Breach
• Drive Way, Paths & Patio Surfaces

Plastering & Drylining

• Wall Levels Within Tolerances
• Plaster-boarding & Joints
• Large Cracks & Overuse of Fillers
• Smoothness & Fine Finish

Carpentry & Stairs

• Skirting/Architrave Joinery
• Hinge & Handle Fitment Check
• Handrail, Newel & Baluster
• Tread & Riser Conformity

Level Tolerances

• Wall/Ceiling/Floor Levels Checked
• Wall & Floor Tile Levels Checked
• Window & Door Levels Checked
• Not Square to Eye Levels Checked

Fire Safety Compliance

• Smoke & CO2 Monitor Suitability
• Fire Door Compliance
• Correct Room Compartmentation
• Application of Fire Stopping

Heating & Plumbing

• Correct Circuit Protection Devices
• Correct Earthing Arrangements
• Socket Polarity Check
• Zoning Compliance Checks

Painting & Decorating

• Drips, Runs & Brush Marks
• Missing & Thin Painted Areas
• Overpainting Switches/Brassware
• General Poor Craftsmanship

Bathrooms & Kitchens

• Worktops & Surfaces Inspected
• Brown/ White Goods Inspected
• Cupboard & Door Alignment
• Sanitaryware, Shower & Screens

Floor Coverings

• Vinyl Floor Damage & Fitment
• Carpet Stains, Damage & Fitment
• Wood/Laminate Marks & Fitment
• Floor Tiles Damage & Fitment

Prices: Flats

1 Bedroom Flat

£ 300

2 Bedroom Flat

£ 350

3 Bedroom Flat

£ 400

Prices: Houses

1 Bedroom House

£ 370

2 Bedroom House

£ 375

3 Bedroom House

£ 450

4 Bedroom House

£ 500

5 Bedroom House

£ 550

6 Bedroom House

£ P.O.A.

Re-snag Survey 50% off

Re-Snag survey (once original snags have been completed) – 50% cost of original survey.

If you’ve got a home improvement project in mind or would like a new build snag inspection, why not get in touch?

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